Rolls-Royce Land (part 2)
Perhaps he is wiser and certainly more romantic than his foreign colleagues: instead of wasting energy on politics, he fervently patronizes everything that enhances the prestige of the principality, making…

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Collection of vintage cars Prince of Monaco
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Adam and Eve with a cast iron core (part 2)
Nice lawns and flowerbeds are broken on the terrace ... And here they are! The monument to our ancestors is the famous Eve and Adam. Guys, hello from Eva.Ru !!!…

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The art of appeasing guests

In Monaco, even everyday life is like an eternal holiday. A tiny rocky piece of land at the junction of the Cote d’Azur and the Italian Riviera as a powerful magnet attracts owners of weighty wallets from around the world. At their service is all the same – just have time to pay.

Monaco has a magnificent sandy beach, where there is everything for swimming and sunbathing in the conditions of maximum comfort. Well-equipped sports grounds, fitness centers, yacht clubs, and tennis courts adjoin the beach directly.

One of the most enjoyable entertainments that the Principality of Monaco can offer is a visit to the sea term of Monte Carlo.

This thalassotherapy center (i.e. sea treatment) includes a saltwater pool, saunas, Turkish baths, and exercise machines. Water for procedures is taken at a depth of 45 meters. Here, visitors will find an atmosphere of luxury, the competence of medical personnel and the programs “Wellness and Beauty”, “Stress Control”, “Saving the Figure”.

Hotels in Monaco have a reputation for being the most luxurious and sophisticated. Built in 1864, the famous Hotel De Paris is located next to the casino. Its stunning interiors – stained glass ceilings, gilded medallions on the walls, antique mirrors and furniture, an abundance of multi-colored marble – compete with the luxury of royal palaces. Its walls are remembered by many famous people, including the Russian Grand Dukes, Winston Churchill, the Emperor of Austria Leopold II, as well as world famous writers, musicians, artists, film and theater figures.

The De Paris Hotel has a bronze equestrian monument in the lobby. Not everyone knows who is depicted in it, it seems, the king of France Louis XV, but no one misses the opportunity to pass by the raised right front hoof of the horse. They say that if you rub it before going to the casino – luck is guaranteed. True or not, history is silent. Only this hoof (and not only it, but the entire horse leg to the knee) shines like gold.

The Hermitage Hotel, which celebrated its centenary last year, is a real Art Nouveau palace. In addition to luxury apartments, it offers its guests living rooms in pink marble in the style of Louis XIV, conservatories with colored stained glass windows and openwork galleries.

One night in a hotel of this class can ease your wallet by at least $ 500.

There are cheaper hotels in Monaco, where overnight in a double room plus a light breakfast will cost “only” $ 100.

Anyone who prefers home comfort can settle in the “private sector”: the monthly rent for a small two-room apartment reaches three thousand dollars.

Among the international elite, it is considered very prestigious to have a summer house here.

– The land is exclusively for the elite. But the remaining majority always has the opportunity to settle somewhere nearby: in French territory or (which is much cheaper) in Italian. You can visit Monaco at least every day. They don’t take money for traveling around the principality, they do not require visas, the entrance ticket to the casino costs no more than the museum ticket, the prices in street cafes are average European.

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