Three days in Monaco (part 1)
A helicopter came in from the sea to land, and a young gentleman in glasses with red glasses and a light suitcase made of red leather shouted into my ear,…

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In travel plans, a visit to the state of Monaco was not made in advance. But, since these places were nearby, we decided to visit as many attractions in the…

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Adam and Eve with a cast iron core (part 1)
Breakfast in the morning at the hotel. I suffered a lot. For five euros I was fed a croissant, microporosion of jam with butter and coffee. And it's all! Let's…

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Monaco Grand Prix circuit

At the Formula 1 World Cup, the most “slow” and difficult step is precisely the legendary Monaco lap, which all riders dream to overcome. To do this, you need to make a lot of effort, since the slightest mistake when driving along the streets of the principality can become fatal. It is difficult for single cars to “fit” into the circumference of the highway in the city center temporarily reserved for them, the borders of which are protected by safety sides.

Since it is almost impossible to increase speed during the rally, the qualifications of the riders decide everything. Given the fact that technical problems arise very often, it is the skill of driving that helps them not to go beyond the limits of the circle allotted for competitions.

Officially, this second historical circular section of the route, passing through the territory of Monaco, was approved on May 21, 1950, after the Formula 1 competition at the Silverstone circuit, but it has been used in auto racing since 1929. The Monaco route is one of the last distances with a “human factor” where the talent of a racing driver can still play a decisive role (Ayrton Senna won 6 times in this area, 5 of them between 1989 and 1993).

The length of the route has remained almost unchanged since 1950 and amounts to 3.340 km. Passing a linear segment of the route, the riders begin the first bend along Saint Devot, the place where cars collide regularly. Further, at a distance to the Casino, their cars begin to sharply change the direction of movement, then to the right, trying to pass through the narrow streets, and again descend into a bend – to the right of Mirabo. The dizzying run then continues until a turn in a narrow area in the area of ​​the former Monte Carlo station, on the site of which the Loes Hotel was built. By the name of the hotel this bend is called – the slowest in the whole championship. The Receptionist sector leads riders to the sea, where the track enters the tunnel; then follows a zigzag passage with obstacles near the port. Then – a turn to the left of the Tobacco Shop, the “Basin” sector, a new hard turn to the right around the La Raskass restaurant, followed by a turn of Antoni Noes, and, finally, a line of competition supply points.

The Monaco circular rally route has undergone some changes since its inception:

1973 – the route to the “Basin”, which allowed the establishment of supply points on the Embankment,

Grand Prix of Monaco

1976 – two new sections with zigzag obstacles are realized on the Saint Devot highway and when leaving the cramped aisle around the La Raskass restaurant,

1986 – the expansion of the US Embankment allows you to create a new site with zigzag obstacles,

1997 – the first “S” -shaped bend near the “Pool” was re-marked, henceforth it is named “Louis Chiron”,

2003 – the first phase of the circular route amendments affected only the south side of the port. 5,000 square meters of space was allotted on the coast. The circle between the second “S” -shaped bend near the “Pool” and around the restaurant “La Raskass” was moved 10 meters relative to its original location and completely re-drawn. Creation of a site with zigzag obstacles upon exiting the 2nd turn of the “Basin”, 2004 – work to double the width of the placement area at the competition supply line at the level of Albert I Boulevard, building a building on the site of the former road between the “Basin” and restaurant “La Raskass”. At the disposal of the racers of each car of the same brand were provided new supply points with an area of ​​250 square meters.

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