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The memory of a trip to Monaco (part 2)
Extraordinary beauty - like this, in ordinary words I express my admiration and joy to the places that have opened up for me. I also remember the photo session near…

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Monaco in the late XVIII - early XIX centuries
During the period of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. All possessions of the Monaco prince in France were lost after the French Constituent Assembly abolished feudal rights on…

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The legendary king of the opera Monte Carlo (part 2)
The opera premiered on February 24, 1910 and was greeted with delight. There is no place in this article to analyze this work of Massenet. For us, one thing is…

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Monaco Cathedral

Cathedral of Monaco – the main cathedral of the Principality of Monaco was built of white stone, brought from La Turbi. The cathedral stands on the site of an older church of the XIII century. The princes of Monaco, their wives and daughters are buried in the Cathedral. The interior of the Cathedral used paintings by the famous painter Louis Brea. Services are held on religious holidays and on National Day. During concerts of religious music and festive services, an organ established in 1976 sounds

The first stone of the Cathedral was laid on January 6, 1875 during the reign of Charles III. Its grand opening took place in 1884. Continue reading

Monte Carlo Country Club

In April 1892, Prince Charles III adopted the project for the construction of earthen tennis courts proposed by Count Bertor. Arriving in the principality in 1863, accompanied by Francois Blanc, the managing director of the Society of Sea Baths, he was able to get a loan for the gambling establishment “Lawn Tennis” and playing croquet. Construction work on laying the foundation began in the month of May behind the building of the Hotel de Paris and lasted a whole year.

In 1905, the Sea Bath Society decided to build an additional building for the Hotel de Paris, and thus the tennis courts were forced to “move”. The success of the club forces OMV to start developing new courts in the La Condamine quarter, but the project to host the Monte Carlo Tennis Club in this central and highly visited area of ​​the Principality could not be final. Continue reading

Formula 1. Grand Prix of Monaco

April 14, 1929, at 13 hours 30 minutes under the High patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Louis II, Prince Pierre opened the first Grand Prix of Monaco. 16 riders had to complete 100 laps with a total length of 318 km. That was the beginning of the Monaco Grand Prix – a race which, along with Le Mans (Mans 24 hour) and Indianapolis (Indianapolis 500) is one of the most famous in the world!

Formula 1. Grand Prix of Monaco

So, this weekend, for the 64th time (the 53rd in Formula 1), the racers will go to the start of the famous “race around the casino”, and the same number of times this race, pretty seasoned with pure roulette madness, was kind championship in the championship. Continue reading

Nature of monaco

Monaco is located on the southern periphery of the maritime Alps composed of limestone. The climate is Mediterranean with moderately warm winters (average January temperature + 8-10 ° С) and dry, warm and sunny summers (average July and August temperatures 24 ° С). There are up to 300 sunny days a year, and rainy – approx. 60. The average annual rainfall is 1300 mm. They fall mainly in the fall.

The Nature of Monaco The Alps protect the sea from the cold northerly winds. In summer, sea breezes have a cooling effect on the coast. Thanks to its mild climate, Monaco is a popular Mediterranean resort. In the coastal zone, the red-colored soils of terra rso and brown soils are developed; in the mountains, brown forest soils. Continue reading

Monaco. History and culture of Monaco

The history of Monaco is largely the story of the Grimaldi family, which owns these lands. In 1918, an agreement was concluded between Monaco and France, according to which, after the complete disappearance of the Grimaldi dynasty, Monaco will become an autonomous region of France. The modern territory of Monaco was inhabited back in the Stone Age. According to legend, during the Roman era one young Corsican named Devot was executed, her body was placed in a boat and sent to Africa. The boat got off course and ran aground off the coast of Monaco, where the state was founded in honor of this girl. The first large-scale construction began here during the Genoese dynasty of the Gibellins, which ruled Monaco in the 13th century. But on January 8, 1297, the first representative of the Grimaldi clan crept into the Gibellin fortress, attacking them from the rear, and thereby ensured careless living for their descendants over the next 700 years. Continue reading

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